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Electronically controlled reactions
Micro labs control chemical processes from the inside
Chemists take their cue from nature

Autonomous micro labs the size of cells that monitor chemical systems from the inside – pure fiction, as yet. But several crucial steps have been taken.

Lablet, is the name Prof Dr John McCaskill from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum has given to the microscopic electronic component that he has been developing in the recent years, together with numerous partners. As researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry, he heads the EU project “Microscopic Chemically Reactive Electronic Agents”.

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Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

More than 30 research groups at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as individual departments at four Max-Planck Institutes offer plenty of interdisciplinary research opportunities in a stimulating and state-of-the art research environment.

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