Before you can apply for admission to the doctorate you have to find a supervisor with whom you agreed on a research project. You can check the web page of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Chairs & Researchgroups) and the Research Profile page to see which research groups cooperate with the Graduate School.

Academic requirements:

Admission to the doctorate is granted on meeting the following conditions:

  1. proof of completion of a relevant university degree with a prescribed study duration of at least eight semesters for which a degree other than "Bachelor" was awarded, or
  2. proof of completion of a relevant higher education degree (e.g. a Bachelor degree) with a prescribed study duration of at least six semesters as well as subsequently completed and appropriate doctorate-preparing studies in the study field of the doctorate, or
  3. proof of completion of a Master degree in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular sciences and simulation, or other natural sciences and related engineering fields.

The admission to the doctorate depends on the completion of a qualifying degree. Admission according to A) and C) requires a degree equivalent to the grade "good" (2.0) in the German educational system or better, admission according to B) requires a grade equivalent to "very good" (1.5) or better for the degree and the doctorate-preparing studies. For further details and possible exceptions see the doctorate regulations or contact the office of the Graduate School.

Language Requirements:

Admission to the doctorate requires a good knowlege of the english language equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This can be demonstrated by a school exam (e.g. Abiturzeugnis), a degree from an english Bachelor or Master programme, or an officially recognised language test.


The application for admission to the doctorate must contain the following documents:

  1. the completed and signed form "Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate"
  2. a curriculum vitae containing information on past education,
  3. a degree certificate,
  4. a diploma which grants admission to a German institution of higher learning or other higher education entrance qualification,
  5. a signed supervision agreement (use the form "Agreement on Doctorate Supervision"),
  6. a signed statement indicating the acknowledgement of the "Guidelines on Good Scientific Practice",
  7. a statement if (and if applicable: when and where) you have previously started a doctorate and/or initiated doctoral examination proceedings.
  8. a field, subjects and examiners for the subsidiary subject lectures (see Guidelines), this information can be provided until the end of the first year of the research course study programme.

The following guidelines for selected countries indicate the typical level of requirements for applicants:

India: First class Master degree (70%) including a research thesis.
Pakistan: MSc, ideally MPhil
China: Master of Science, official certificate of the Akademische Prüfstelle ( at the German embassy in Bejing


Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate

Agreement on Doctorate Supervision

Course completion form

Guidelines on Good Scientific Practice AB-1142 ("Leitlinien guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis und Grundsätze für das Verfahren bei vermutetem wissenschaftlichen Fehlverhalten")

Guidelines of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
can be downloaded from here.)